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pure stealin this from vivien because i suck

1. Height:
i seriously have no idea. the only time i've measured myself was in primary when we had to do it in maths with a meter stick haha.

2. Virgin?:

3. Shoe size:

4. Sexual orientation:
5. Do you smoke?:

6. Do you drink?:

7. Do you take drugs?:
nope haha i'm so straight age xoxo~

8. Age you get mistaken for:
irl - usually my age or a tiny bit older. internet (so purely based on personality~) - idk usually around 15-18

9. Have tattoos?:

10. Want any tattoos?:
well yeah but everyones always like ~ it haz 2 hav a DEEP MEANING ~ when i just want them for decorative purposes. although the people who usually say that are the type who get tattoos of their partners names and then break up with them a week later.

11. Got any piercings?:

12. Want any piercings?:
yeah, i'd like a labret. i'd also want a septum but they're like rEALLY PAINFULL apparently so idk.

13. Best friend?:
nah i don't like picking favourites.

14. Relationship status:
(aka single)

15. Biggest turn ons:
big, pretty eyes. interesting faces. awesome hair. interesting dress sense. pOINTY TEETH <3

16. Biggest turn offs:
huge walking clichés. so basically people who have special snowflake syndrome and think ~music iz their lyf~
and weirdly, perfectly straight teeth. they creep me out.

17. Favourite movie:
Rocky Horror Picture Show

18. I'll love you if:
we're on the same wavelength and you're a nice person.

19. Someone you miss:
my aunt. she's not dead i just never see her any more.

20. Most traumatic experience:

21. A fact about your personality:
i get obsessed with things really easily. it's even worse with actual people.

22. What I hate most about myself:
the fact that i can't really stand anything and have a weird sense of humour means that i can be unintentionally rude to people who don't know me very well

23. What I love most about myself:
i have a good sense of humor.. well ~i think i do.~  also i got over my ~scene kid phase~ and ~meme phase~ at a younger age than most people so I DON'T HAVE TO PUT ANYONE THROUGH THAT SHITE.

24. What I want to be when I get older:  
an advertising copywriter or something else in advertising.

25. My relationship with my sibling(s):
i don't really talk to them

26. My relationship with my parents:
i don't argue much with either of them but i'm not very close to them. my dad probably likes to think we're closer than we are. yeah i'm not really a family person

27. My idea of a perfect date:
um it would probably depend on the person so i'm not sure.

28. My biggest pet peeves:
special snowflakes, scene children, tbbt fans, twitter, people who fuckin use instagram, the glee fandom, almost every other fandom including the ones i'm in, people who take stuff too seriously, the butthurt douches of the internet.

29. A description of the girl/boy I like:
OHHHHHH GOD. i'm gonna do someone i used to like because i don't really like any girls or boys at the moment only adults haha shhh

really awesome hair i mean wow why does she hate her hair so much its cute. really really adorable. super nice to everyone. p much just C U T E and really sweet and just wow how does she put up with all the crude awful people around her

if i still liked her that would've been a much bigger paragraph. i should've just described the corporal instead ahahaha

30. A description of the person I dislike the most:
attention seeking scene child who just needs to shhhhhh. also, you need spellcheck. memories is not spelt "memorise." please just stop thinking you're some special case who's lived such a ~hard life. you get yourself into dumb situations by doing stupid things and acting the way you do. also you turned someone who used to be perfectly decent into another attention seeking self absorbed little shit and now i actually almost hate her as much as you, which is a shame because there are very few people that i can stand and you're not helping.

31. A reason I've lied to a friend:
because i didn't want them to get upset

32. What I hate the most about work:
i don't have a job i'm in school
but the thing i hate most about school is the awful decision i made to pick drama

33. What my last text that I sent:
i have no idea. i never use my phone.

34. What words upset me the most:
"ur blog sux"

35. What words make me feel the best about myself:
"you're so interesting lyndsay wow"
nah no one ever says that to me except me~

36. What I find attractive in women:
ok here we fuckin go.

um i like a particular facial bone structure. that makes me sound really picky but i actually just mean big chins.
mid-long hair, TALL, pale, big eyes. just really interesting looking

37. What I find attractive in men:
hair. facial hair. hairiness. lots of hair.
also not overly muscle-y or overly skinny~
and not someone who looks about 12. MEN.

38. Where I would like to live:
there are a few places. Guernsey looks nice though.

39. One of my insecurities:
people might secretly hate me idk

40. My childhood career choice:
I wanted to be a vet when i was like 7 LOL

41. My favorite ice cream:
mint choc chip

42. Who I wish I could be:
just this really lucky guy. I'M NOT GONNA SPEAK ABOUT THAT ON HERE THOUGH

43. Where I want to be right now:
somewhere really comfortable

44. The last thing I ate:
Strawberry humbugs~


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United Kingdom
Yoyoyo it's Lyndsay here. I really cannot actually draw and I have no idea what I'm doing. If you talk to me I will respond because I'm an amazing lovely person xoxo

I am Scottish and I really really really REALLY like Hollyoaks and octopi.

I look confused as fuck in my picture because I don't understand DA~~

So yeah, I'll try to work on my bio (along with this page) when I get more ~INTO IT.


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